goan curry paste

Hot Goan Curry Paste

Product Description

This is a fiery rich curry base that contains roast garlic, fresh ginger, Kaffir Lime and lots of coarse ground spices.
We use it as a marinade for chicken and lamb, and a rub for chicken and fish such as trout which is then simply grilled. Check out our recipe section to find lots of great recipes using our Goan and North Indian curry pastes.

Cost per jar is £2.50, retail price is £3.75.

Case size is 12 x 200g

Heat O Meter


Chilli-heads will love this but will still find room for a bit more heat to be found in our ‘very hot’ category. Packed with flavour combinations and a higher chilli content than our mild and medium products, it’s not to be missed and should be bought out at every mealtime.


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